#review Sacrifice 

Author : Ameya Kale

Pulisher : Frog Books

Publication date :  12 Dec, 2016

Book length : 298 pages

Language : English 

Genre : Fiction / Sci-fi

Synopsis :

Henry Ashford works as a top virologist and toxicologist at his office facility. He has a good life in the suburbs; a loving wife and friendly neighbors. Deciding to take some time off, he plans a surprise vacation for him and his wife to Rome. Tragedy strikes as Henry’s life is completely turned around by a series of incidents. Coming face to face with the persons who perpetrated these horrors, he swears revenge and is prepared to fight. Little does he know that what is about to happen will change his life again. Henry is thrown into a spiral of physics, philosophy and history. He begins to uncover secrets. Secrets about the human race. Secrets that are paradigm shifting. The people he is talking to are passionate about only one thing: to save mankind. And apparently, only Henry can do it. But this time, the only way to save mankind is to destroy it first.

Rating : 3.5/5

Review : 

I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

The first thing that attracted me was the story line which sounded quite mysterious and interesting. And as I set out on a journey to discover the book, the whole concept, that the author had the capability to think thoroughly and construct precisely, blew my mind. 

The story revolves around Henry Ashford, a top virologist and toxicologist who leads a happy life with his loving wife, Juliette. He has suddenly found his interests circling over architectural history, questioning their origins. He seems to be blissful and contented with his life. While he and Juliette both become excited for their trip to Rome, Henry has not a bit idea how some rapid and drastic incidents will change his life forever. It so happens that one night someone breaks into his house and knocks him unconscious. The next thing he knows – his wife is dead, he doesn’t understand why they were attacked, he is alone now. But what shocks the reader is that he shows indifference to his wife’s death and goes on living his daily life, though at some points of time he misses her truly, he can’t help but reach an understanding with the fact that he is not attached to anyone or any responsibilities anymore. But, not everything ends the way it was supposed to be. The story doesn’t end here. It has just begun.

After two months, that man, his wife’s killer kidnaps him and bring him to an unknown place. There he faces Michael who drops news one after the other on him like atom bombs, destroying and torturing the very core of his senses. First, Michael breaks the news that Henry’s wife is indeed alive!! 

And then comes the moment of bewilderment when he asks Henry just one question which later gives rise to unimaginable theories. The sinple question of – “What if it’s all a lie? ……… “This thing called consciousness.” Michael furthur on proceeds on explaining how the consciousness of we humans is not our own but put into our hears by an outer, superior source. What if the only way to save the human race, an end to all all corruption, pain, disorientation, was by destroying the Humans only??!! If that was not enough Henry is given visual proof! Wanna know how? Why don’t just pick it up already? 

To have been brought into paper from the minds of a young debut novelist, this book is absolutely praiseworthy. The storyline is genius, the reasoning is very intimidating and believing. I do not read Sci-fi as much as other genres but books like these make me realise how much more there is to that one genre and how I absolutely must read them more. 

But I do have a few concerns. This things dropped my rating for the book. The book would have more attracting effect only if the writing style is refined some more. The writing is clean and without errors. But it lacks a bit of that spine chilling, giving goosebumps and thrilling effect. Also I believe the mention of time period in each chapter is very confusing. It would be much more efficient and enjoyable if the time period is mentioned only once in the beginning of that chapter when the present shifts to the past and vise versa. And let the story continue in chapter only to mention of time in it’s change. 

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely. If we don’t encourage such bright minds and amazing ideas, who would? 

About the Author : 

Ameya Kale

The debutant author, Ameya Kale lives with his parents in Pune. An engineering student at Marathwada Mitramandal’s College of Engineering, Pune; Ameya is also working on his next thriller.

Unboxing September box of The A-ron’s bookbox


So guys, I was once again blessed with the opportunity to be the rep of another Indian book-box : The A-ron’s book-box. This time for the month of September and though I received the box in the beginning of the month I chose to wait till the ending to post a full unboxing. Why? First, because I wanted to have clear pictures of all the items separately. Second, I had exams. Third and mostly, am quite lazy!! *earnest apologies

However, let me first speak a bit about the book subscription box before continuing with the unboxing. They are a book subscription box mainly based in Mumbai shipping all over India. They can be contacted through instagram where in need of of ordering the available box, all you have to do is send them a message. The one I had been selected rep was for the current month – September and it’s theme is No Shit, Sherlock…… And guys!!!! Who doesn’t love everything Sherlock?! Also, they are such nice people. I am glad I could make so many new friends on Instagram.


Now, back to September book box unboxing. It was filled a huge no.of amazing contents.

So it’s the first time I managed to make my mom agree for a pose.

And here she is, with the Sep box of The A-Ron’s Book Box which is filled with goodies.

Contents :

1. A pretty envelope inside of which was a beautifully interesting note by Offbeat_magick and a detective badge which is by Maitreyi Artist March.

2. A Black glittery, sparkly mask (one of my favourites)

3. A Virgo angel coaster. To know how the Virgo angel fits into the Detective theme head on to The Aron’s book-box and look for the post with this one. Some deep stuffs is written there.

4. A pair of cute animal (a kitty)  printed socks which I know I am going to wear all day.

5. Customized Sherlock notebook which is absolute awesomeness.

6. Inside the notebook is a little pretty surprise. A magnetic bookmark from Offbeat_magick .This one is my first ever magnetic bookmark and I love it 🙊

7. My absolutely favourite item, a unique and handmade Sherlock pendant made by Offbeat_magick .

These people are amazing!!

8. Next up is a little cute black board. I have some chalks.. So my little brother will soon be taking possession over this one.

9. There are candies as well!! I love candies  Strawberry flavoured Sour candies these are And I have just enough left for clicking photos. They are so delicious.

10. The final item and one of my most anticipated reads – Final Girls by Riley Sager

These all together comprise the September box whose theme was – No Shit, Sherlock. And I think they did a really cool, amazing, beyond expectations job with it. Correct me if am wrong!!

P.S : The box also contains a adorable black SherLocked bookmark which I missed somehow, me being an idiot basically.

1. First up are the letter inside the adorable envelope and the drink coaster.

An extremely classified crime investigation has to be done by you. – says the letter. Also see the blue Virgo drink coaster there? I can never get enough of the fact that there are so many talented people on our Instagram book community. I love and cherish all of them.

2. Next up is the smart badge.

It says “Detective : This badge represents formal approval for the wearer to investigate all manner of mysteries and to report all findings to the authorities subject to all authorities subject to all applicable federal state and local law.”

How cool is that!!

3. The gorgeous black mask!! 

So there I stand with my back resting on the yellow washed wall, outside my house, taking pictures of myself with the mask on.

To be honest, am not very proud of this picture. It doesn’t fully justify the beauty of the mask. (Or myself) Since my brother was clicking this picture and he is absolutely not a good as me when it comes to taking such pictures, I had to guide him all the way with THIS one as the ONE satisfying end result. The things I do for bookstagram – wear a fresh, clean dress; brush my hair properly; wear big, bong earrings; wear a glittery, sparkly mask; wear high heals (just because I have already done so much) and obviously, stand outside my house while the trembling hands of my brother takes failed pictures one after the other. So much of these yet I am always gonna love books and bookstagram!! 

4. The cute kitten socks and the BOOK!! 

Ok!! So trying something new cause the kitten socks are adorable. Also I thought I would add the blurb of Final Girls for all of you guys to check it out. –

Each girl survived an unthinkable horror. Now someone wants them dead… They were the victims of separate tragedies. Three strangers bound by similar traumas grouped together by the press.

When something terrible happens to Lisa, put-together Quincy and volatile Sam finally meet. Each one influences the other. Each one has dark secrets. And as the bloodstained fingers of the past reach into the present, each one will never be the same.

5. The customised Sherlock notebook. 

It is one of the most prized possessions of a Sherlock lover.

6. The magnetic Sherlock bookmark!! 

What can be better than a Sherlock Holmes themed magnetic bookmark while reading The Hound of Baskervilles.

So since my college is in Kolkata, when ever I get off time I visit College Street’s 2nd hand book sections and if I am lucky I get hold of true gems. This one is among those, COMPLETE & UNABRIDGED version.

Also as u can see, am wearing my kitten sock which are so adorable and comfy.

7. My absolutely favourite item – the Pendent!!!!! 

“To a great mind nothing is little.” This is what this pendant says.

Thanks to the book subscription team for this beautiful thing and also for keeping up with my stupidity.

8. The chalk board!! The Sour Candies!!! & most important, the book!! 




Story of my life every single day!! And am not even sorry!! Cause storybooks, food and sleep are like everything!!

Ok !! No, studying, bathing and a few things are also essentials… but these 3 are absolute favourites. Also do you see the sour candies here? The ones sticking themselves out of the packet? I kept two of them ALIVE just for this photo. Now they are all gone. *nervous laugh

9. The amazing bookmark that I had somehow missed out doing unboxing at first!

A riddle for you is what I have today for it’s essentially Sherlocked!! Answer if you dare. There’s nothing to loose or gain. Just a little bit fun, that’s all in here. 🌚😌

“What 4-letter word can be written forward, backward or upside down, and can still be read from left to right?”

Comment below your answer. Let’s see how many get it right.

So here you have all the items of the No Shit, Sherlock box. I believe they have done a 5/5 job in coming up with such amazing items.
For more information of the book subscription box and the other shops contributing to it click on their names mentioned in my earlier mentioned list of contents of the Sep box.

#review Deceived

Author : Heena Rathore P

Publisher : Citrus Publishers

Publication Date : 1 Jan, 2017

Language : English

Book Length : 350 pages

Genre : Fiction/ Psychological Thriller

Synopsis :

How well do you know your loved ones? A girl struggling to cope with the murders of her mother and five-year-old brother. A journalist chasing the ghost of a potential serial killer. A thirteen-year-old girl who slaughtered her parents. And a revenge-driven psychopath who is about to destroy everyone’s life. After 9 years, a young writer is still coping with the brutal murders of her mother and five-year-old brother, as she moves into a house of horrors, to start a new life with her lover. Will friends and family be able to redeem Ally out of the impending doom in time? Will her infallible love become the key to the destruction of her already fragile world? Will madness prevail over love; true love over revenge? Deceived is a gripping psychological thriller that mazes through the deepest, darkest emotions of human mind through the story of a vulnerable girl who treads in the mist of deception bred from a long unforgiven betrayal.

Rating : 4/5

Review :

I would firstly like to thank the publisher for providing me with an ARC of the book for review.

I have always held a special place in my heart for the never ending love for Psychological thrillers. It thrills the core of my entire being how much this little mind of us, humans have such immense amount of complex ideas, some stored for a long time, some manufacturing with time while some still in the making. Psychological thrillers, I find, are the perfect mediums to look into this various sides of the human mind.

Deceived by Heena Rathore P. is a psychological thriller revolving around the life of Allison, a young writer desperately struggling to get over the gruesome murders of her Mother and five-year-old brother. Though she still has terrifying nightmares every night ever since their murders, she finds her peace of mind in her little, faithful companion dog, Max and her best friend n roommate Samantha, in short Sam. But also, she didn’t force herself not to fall in love and was deeply, immensely in love with one hell of a Greek God ( i.e., according to Ally), Danny as in Daniel. She believes him to be a perfect match for her. Well, the book contains a lot many characters let us take a look at each of them for a better understanding.

  • Allison (Ally) : Some parts of her life have already been mentioned before. Adding to the fact is that, despite of the fact that she and Danny had been dating for not more then 4-5 months, she seems to be blindly and certainly in love with him. She doesn’t hesitate to say YES, when Danny ask hers to go live with him in his house. What I feel of the character is that having so less people in her life and such a frightening past, she doesn’t want to loos anyone else dear and near to her. She sense and fear of loss has nurtured her mind to think this way. To her, Danny is the home she desperately needed in order to bring an end to her nightmares.
  • Max : Well, Max is Ally’s beloved pet dog who has always been by her side as long as she remembers. She loves and takes care of him like her own baby. Max is very protective of Ally. However, a surprising fact is that Max holds a very noticeable dislike towards Danny from the very first time they have met and turns extra protective of Ally when he is around. Now I had once read somewhere that dogs are very sensitive animals. They can sense the situation and mood AND then react according to it. So him hating Danny  makes one think twice about the perfectly flawless human.
  • Samantha (Sam) : Ally’s best friend and roommate has always been at her side when no one else was. She and Max are always there to protect Ally. And their similarity lies also in their mutual dislike for Danny. Sam always has this uncanny, troubling feeling about Danny being with Ally and though she tries to be friends with him for Ally’s sake, she always ends up disliking him. 
  • Stephen Stone : Ally’s father, Stephen is a well known lawyer and also is loyal & kind. His wife’s and son’s deaths have made him perhaps more emotional and sentimental with passing time. Both he and Ally share the common love for books. 
  • Steve : Steve Thompson, Ally’s cousin, is back in town after long years of being apart from the Stone family. He has however come with a purpose, the crime journalist has come back to investive the murders of the Stones.
  • Danny : Daniel is Ally’s boyfriend whose appearance, according to her, is like a Greek  God. He is a man of few words, just the type she likes. Danny seems to be peculiarly hated by Max, felt to be oddly dissatisfying to Sam and Steve as well thought something to be off about that guy on their very meet. 

Okay. So these people are the main characters of the present situation. But every present is the outcome of past. When Ally’s starts getting strange phone calls and starts seeing a man very alike Danny after having moved to his house, she geta terrified to the very core of her heart but she had no clue what was happening and what it was going to follow to. 

    The story takes place in two sections. One talking all about Ally’s present and the other, about a strange girl named Elizabeth from a date of the past. It tells the story of how that little 13 years old girl slaughtered both of her parents and ran away in the deep forest where all other people thought she had died. But did she really die? Then again how is she related to Ally’s present? What purpose does Elizabeth’s story have in Ally’s troublesome, chaotic life? 

    Deceived points out the most important questions that we all humans face almost every passing time in our lives but are always afraid to find out the answers. The simple questions of – Whom to trust? How much do we know our loved ones? How much are we aware of the past?

    A cruel, cold-blooded killer with a past one can’t help but feel pity for. An imvident that one might wish to have never happened thus avoiding the birth of a murderer. The ending of the book is frightening, horrifying and utterly curious.

    A spine chilling, heart wrenching tale of endless suffering and pain. A story of deep love, cruelty, unforgivable betrayal, obsession, friendship, nightmares and rebondings. A tale so gripping and fast pacing that one cannot help but not put down the book till the very end. 

    To have been able to put down such an amazing story is an achievement worth applauding for a debut novelist. I look forward to reading more of her works in future. If you haven’t picked it up yet, I urge you, rather responsibly force you to get hold of it. 

    #review The Fray Theory : The Harbinger (Book 1.1)

    IMG_20170508_155731_302Author : Nelou Keramati

    Publisher : Finch Hill

    Publication date : 1 March, 2017

    Book length : 160 pages

    Language : English

    Genre : Fiction

    IMG_20170401_201426_577Synopsis :

    ~What happened three years ago?~

    Dylan Sterling is an anomaly who dreams of events before they happen. But over the years, this peculiar gift has transformed into a curse. A dark curse in the form of a strange man who haunts him. Hunts him. Kills him.

    But unlike other people, even once Dylan has awakened from a nightmare, the agony of torture clings to his skin. The horror of his own brutal murder continues to resonate with him. Pain, it seems, has long become the status quo. That is until a recurring nightmare reveals a clue that might help him unveil the truth of his ‘condition’.

    The race against time has begun, and with each passing day, the boundaries between dream and reality are becoming more and more muddled. And unless he can solve this mystery, he’ll stand to lose even more than he thought possible.

    Rating : 4/5

    IMG_20170402_163715_419Review :

    The next book of The Fray Theory series by Nelou Keramati, The Harbinger is indeed well written, which is very much expected from such a talented author. I had read the book a week or two back but had been unable to post a review. Well, the reason being, I have a huge to-be-reviewed list and I am confused most of the times which book’s review to post first. (*Laughing like a nervous wreck)

    Before I present any opinion on this book, I would request every viewer of this post to go back towards the beginning of my reviews and look into my review of The Resonance, first book of this series. It is very essential to know about the first book before reading the opinion of the second.

    Now, starting with this book, the author never fails to prove how fascinating her writing is. The theories she puts forward, the incidents she arranges, the characters she brings out are beautiful and attention grabbing. This book, to be put into simple words, is a flashback to the past lives and what had happened in the first book.

    As found in the previous book, Dylan, his best friend, Romer and his girlfriend, Neve are stuck in a life and death situation. All through the book, they struggle through threats and disasters building up their long broken bond. But what caused this situations? Why had their bond been broken? What was the beginning?

    This book answers it all. It takes back to the time when Dylan was a child, when the incidents and nightmares began. Though the book, Dylan travels from childhood to adulthood, his closest people being Romer and Neve always. But a situation arises that forces him to leave his two favourite people and go into hiding. Neve feels betrayed and hurt.

    I would say, I had a tough time trying to read the book at some points because it was making me confused. The continuous alteration of time and place made it sometimes hard to locate the story’s current situation. Though I loved the book, the first book was far more interesting, if you ask me. Maybe I have had a huge gap between reading the two books. I suggest you all to read the two books simultaneously without a large gap. That way it will help one to complete understand the story and it will turn out to be far more interesting and addictive.

    Thanks to the lovely author for sending me the book for review. You are always amazing and I am ready to take in more of the trio.

    #review The Front Page Murders

    Author : Puja Changoiwala

    Publisher : Hachette India

    Publication date : 23 Nov 2016

    Book length : 312 pages

    Language : English

    Genre : Nonfiction/ True Crime

    Synopsis :

    It takes a fearless mind to harbor such a dark heart, a heart that knows no nobility, no apology… 

    Mumbai, April 2012. The gruesome murder of a senior citizen in a wealthy Mumbai neighbourhood leads the city’s Crime Branch to unearth several half-naked, mutilated and dismembered bodies rotting in the ravines of the Western Ghats on the outskirts of the city.

    A trail of missing suspects, a lethal honey-trap, and unexpected links with Mumbai’s film industry and the underworld, brings the investigators – and the press, ever hungry for breaking news – to Vijay Palande, a cold-blooded killer equipped with the sophistication of Charles Sobhraj, the manipulative genius of Ted Bundy and the cruelty of Jack the Ripper.
    In The Front Page Murders, Puja Changoiwala, who covered the incidents as they unfolded, recounts in gripping detail the story behind the sensational case of multiple murders that shocked the country. Startling and intensely sobering by turns, her compelling narrative explores not just the murky depths of a serial killer’s mind but, tellingly, the media’s frenzy for a front-page story and the insatiable human appetite for horror in real life.

    Rating : 5/5

    Review :

    Like one of my friend’s review of this books says, it seems quite less even to rate this book a 5/5. It deserves so much more. I am never much keen to reading Nonfiction, a fact I point out almost every single day. While reading this book, to be stupidly honest, I had no idea I was reading a Nonfiction. The fact that I always tend to pass this paticular category untouched has left a large gap in knowing what the different types are. This book right here is a True Crime, a genre I am looking forward to reading more of. 

    Getting back to the book, author pens down the blood chilling tale of series killer Vijay Palande and his merciless killings. The story begins with the discovery of murder of a senior citizen living in Lokhandwala complex. As the journalist pushes her ways into the happening of the murder and the information gathered by the police, she finds other dark secrets opening up one after the another. With, what seemed like, the murder of a senior citizen for money & property, opened the path to the revealing of 4 other gruesome kills by Palande and his sophisticated, genius mind. 

    I will not go into any more details of the book as I wish to avoid spoilers asking you to take your time and read this book. It’s amazing. The whole tale making the heartbeat go fast and slow, makes one feel sad and happy. One thing which I keenly observed in the story is that, all is not bad from the very beginning, from the core. The core is always bright and pure, when the heart and mind still want to achieve good. But it all turns bitter with some rather painful incidents. Some manage to cope with it and move on while some can never get over the pain and turn revengeful. 

    No one is born bad, it is the pain they get and the path they chose to get over it that makes the different. 

    Wow… Someone’s being rather too philosophical added she really isn’t that much. (She is obviously I myself and I don’t find myself much into philosophical thoughts.) *laughs

    Human mind is but a complex system. What it decides to do makes oneself rather afraid at times. How it plays games with the body, how it controls the brain, how it chances a nature, how it creates a cold, sophisticated murderer out of an ambitious boy like Palande. 

    #bookreview Selfienomics: A Seriously Funny Guide to Living the Good Life by Revant

    Author: Revant Himatsingka

    Paperback: 196 pages

    Publisher: Bloomsbury India (18 November 2016)

    Language: English

    Category: Non-fiction

    Rating: 4/5


    Synopsis :

    “Original version of a #selfie: Taking a photo of yourself rather than having someone else take it for you. You try out various filters and select the one that makes you look your best. #Selfienomics version of a #selfie: Reflecting on different aspects of your life and taking the initiative to improve so that you can be the best version of yourself. ”

    And so begins Selfienomics, the first Indian self-help book written for young people by a young entrepreneur who speaks their language. Offering workable, practical advise on how to manage finances, start a business, complete creative projects and how to be a better citizen, Selfienomics is so funny, upbeat and entertaining, it’s not just a must-read but also a mast-read.


    I do not particularly like reading non-fiction books.  But when saw this book on social sites I found myself interested in it and thanks to the publisher I got hold of it. This book has given me a lot to think about – like really deep thoughts. It is the reason that I have started writing a bookish diary in the first place. I found some lines in the book that I would like to discuss in my review. Not some, just two that have knocked deep into my head.

    • When something is too big, it loses its importance.                                                                        – This is something which is being said and remembered at some point in every human’s life. Whether the reason be wealth, love, care, giving your loved ones time, the fact of being too poor, the fact of being too rich – the more the fact holds position, the less importance it attracts. Did I confuse you? Let me see, now how to simplify it enough that my thoughts come out clear? Well, lets try this out… for example let’s say you love someone too much, care for that person too much, listen to him/her all the time, go everywhere the person wants you to go: you do this out of  love for the person, don’t you? But as time passes by you would definitely feel sad, due to the fact that the person does not acknowledge your love, your care, he/she has taken you for granted. What happens is that your care and love has become so big that it has lost the importance it had in your partners life. Another example, when we see a poor child sitting in the pavement, crying it’s lungs out because of hunger, we try to help that little belly by buying it something to eat or give some money. But if we see as many as 4-5 children doing the same, do we really feel like doing so? Don’t we think once that we don’t posses the capability to help them? Don’t we ignore the poor when we see a good no. of them together? Doesn’t it just seem normal? It so happens that with the no.of the poor increasing at a high rate we, the better ones have taken the happening as a “normal” feature. We consider them as a class, “the poor” just like “the normal people”.

    So have I now made my thoughts clear? The more a fact gets bigger, the more it loses importance, it becomes NORMAL.

    • When we can mourn their death, why can’t we celebrate their life when they are alive?    – We someday or the other have to face death – whether it be of someone close to the heart, someone we used to know or even our own death. When someone close dies don’t  we feel the urge to let them know so many unsaid things, don’t we wish we had let them know the secrets that they had the right to know, don’t we want to get back to time and change the way we had behaved with the person? When I think  about the fact that someday I too am going to die, I find myself regretting over some decisions I have taken, the way I have behaved with someone, I feel like speaking out certain unsaid words. It might sound crazy but I often feel like standing on the rooftop and shout out everything I have in my mind -doesn’t matter  whether anyone is listening or not, at least I have said it all. Is a life worth living we have so many regrets? I believe that we should live each day as the last day of our life leaving no pace for regrets. I believe we should celebrate each time we feel joyous. Celebrations & parties don’t always need occasions,  birthdays or anniversaries. Sometimes all we need is a moment of joy, speaking our minds out, shouting, dancing and being all crazy. Let’s never feel regretful over the undone things for the one who died, let’s celebrate while he/she is still alive and make him/her more alive.

    Let’s make a life worth living for us and everyone around us.

    See, what the book has done to me? It has given me so many things to think about, so many lessons to realize my mistakes.  A non-fiction book which has given me so many useful tips that least expected before reading it. It’s a book I would suggest everyone to read. 

    Links for buying the Book:


    Amazon.in: http://www.amazon.in/Selfienomics-Seriously-Funny-Guide-Living/dp/9386141671/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1480675856&sr=8-1&keywords=selfienomics

    Flipkart.com: https://www.flipkart.com/selfienomics-seriously-funny-guide-living-good-life/p/itmema3hnwxgtqpn?pid=9789386141675&srno=s_1_1&otracker=search&lid=LSTBOK9789386141675LTRCEO&qH=e64fb75ac9456256

    Infibeam.com: http://www.infibeam.com/Books/selfienomics-chilled-out-approach-living-good-life-revant-himatsingka/9789386141675.html#variantId=P-M-B-9789386141675

    OUTSIDE INDIA (preorder):

    Bookdepository.com: http://www.bookdepository.com/Selfienomics-Revant-Himatsingk/9789386141682?ref=grid-view

    Wordery.com: https://wordery.com/selfienomics-revant-himatsingka-9789386141682?cTrk=MzEyNjE2Mzh8NTg0MTU2NzU4MGUyZjoxOjE6NTg0MTU2NTk5NzdjNDUuNTcwNzIyNDU6ZGEzYjU0MTg%3D

    Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/Selfienomics-Seriously-Funny-Guide-Living/dp/938614168X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1480676407&sr=8-1&keywords=selfienomics