Tales Fantastic #bookmail 

And this Bookmail just made my day! It’s  so gorgeous. Starting with the wax seal and brown paper. Then inside is the copy of Victorian Ghosts : 31 days of Gloom and  Malaise. And and…an amazing looking bookmark. 

The Bookmark :

Inside of the book :

Moreover the book is signed. Will soon be posting a review of the book. However, I can tell you now only, the illustrations are mystifying.


Panmacmillanindia (8/01/2017) #bookmail 

And thank you Panmacmillan India for sending this jewel to me. 

Love in Chakiwala and other misadventures by Muhammad Khalid Akhtar is a true testament to the wit, sagacity and quiet brilliance of one of the greatest storytellers of his time. This is originally an Urdu novel and is said to be one of the greatest. 

Synopsis : 

A small Karachi neighborhood, Chakiwala is humdrum and unspectacular to all appearances. But inside its shops and at the street corners, there is curious business afoot. 

Chronicling the drama that unfolds daily is Iqbal Hussain Changezi, bakery owner and collector of writers and geniuses. He has his eyes on out-of-work comedian Chakori, apprentice to a Chinese dentist, even as the town’s mostly unsuccessful healer of physical and spiritual maladies prepares to unleash his top-secret invention, the love meter.

Ellen Read (4/01/2017) #bookmail

This bookmail came in yesterday. But by the time I returned home it was too dark outside to click any pictures. So here I am running behind the uploading schedule, trying to make up to it.

What I received in the bookmail is the new book of author Ellen Read : The Dragon Sleeps. Along with it came a beautiful bookmark, a postcard and synopsis print out.


Synopsis :

A Dragon statue. An ancient sword.

What treasure is worth killing for?

It’s 1927 in Victoria, Australia. A hedonistic time after the Great War when young people knew they could enjoy life without the threat of war hanging over them. A time when women have more options opened to them.

There is a weekend house party at Thornton Park and Alexandra Thornton thinks it will be a good time to break the news to her father that she wants to be an antiques dealer, like him, her grandfather and great-grandfather before her.

Only a small number of people are invited. Amongst the guests are Zhang Huo, the Chinese antiques dealer who, with his son, has brought a Ming dragon statue from China for Thomas Thornton.

Benedict Archer, who is manager of Thornton Antiques in Melbourne and who has been secretly helping Alexandra learn more about her family business, is also invited. Alexandra asks Benedict and Edith Blackburn, her friend since childhood, to be with her when she approaches her father.

When Edith claims that Benedict is in love with her, Alexandra can’t believe it. In all the time they’d been at Thornton Antiques together, he’d never said a word. Now, Alexandra looks at him differently. Can it be true?

Then a body found in the orchard and, before the weekend is over, a priceless artefact is stolen.




Giveaway winner prize (4/01/2017) #bookmail


I won a giveaway this Christmas and I couldn’t asked for anything more to make the occasion any special. I mean, what completes a bookworm more than a BOOK!

AND know which book i won? LYREBIRD by Cecelia Ahern. The first book I ever red of her was One Hundred Names and the first thing that attracted me to it was the beautiful cover and next the synopsis. I  always look forward to reading more of Cecelia Ahern and this book was on wishlist for so long!


Now about the book,


In the south-west of Ireland, rugged mountains meet bright blue lakes and thick forests. Deep in the woods, a young woman lives alone, forever secluded from the world, her life a well-kept secret. She possesses an extraordinary talent, the likes of which no-one has seen before: a gift that will earn her the nickname LYREBIRD.

When Solomon stumbles into Laura’s solitary existence, her life is turned on its head. Pulled from her peaceful landscape to the cacophony of Dublin, she is confronted by a world desperate to understand her.

But while Solomon knows the world will embrace Laura, will it free her to spread her wings – or will it trap her in a gilded cage? Like all wild birds, she needs to fly free . . .


First Bookchor.com buy (1/01/2017) #bookmail

BookChor.com is a hot favourite of Indian bibliophiles for being an online used bookstore. What I heard from regular buyers is that the site has old books in low price and good condition. 
So I took up the courage to try it out. I bought my first Ian Rankin read – The Impossible Dead. And the rumours are so true! *Tears-of-joy

The BookChor team had packed the undamaged book along with a sticky note carrying their appreciation message (the note was apple shaped), a bookmark and a packet of Harshey’s syrup (chocolate my favourite *hearts).

Michelle Schlicher (30/12/2016) #bookmail

And when I was wondering where my bookmail are……….

Living in India while most authors who are looking forward to sending review copies mostly being from US, it takes a lot of time for the mail’s to reach me. Sometimes it can be days, weeks or even months *sobs. But I never give up hope cause a bookworm should never give up on bookmails. 

Come this Way by Michelle Schlicher. Thanls to the author for sending the book. I find the cover very soothing.

Synopsis come along with the review after I finish reading it. 

Bookmail 5

This is the first time that Hachette India has send a review copy. Thanks to the author Puja Changoiwala for replying to my approach. I find a fact very sad that some Indian publishing houses seem to pay less interest on just-rising bloggers and reviewers. It’s like they have to beg many times before being replied to while some never get a reply. Though I must say some publishing houses and authors do show interest and are eager to get their books reviewed when asked to, for a review copy.

Now, about this particular book I have here – The Front Page Murders by Puja Changoiwala, the first thing that attracted me was the cover. The cover designer has my appreciation for that. Next, the synopsis, so much attention grabbing that I couldn’t wait but dig into the book as soon as the opened the mail. The two most important factors a book requires to attract it’s readers.


 It takes a fearless mind to harbor such a dark heart, a heart that knows no nobility, no apology… Mumbai, April 2012. The gruesome murder of a senior citizen in a wealthy Mumbai neighbourhood leads the city’s Crime Branch to unearth several half-naked, mutilated and dismembered bodies rotting in the ravines of the Western Ghats on the outskirts of the city.
A trail of missing suspects, a lethal honey-trap, and unexpected links with Mumbai’s film industry and the underworld, brings the investigators – and the press, ever hungry for breaking news – to Vijay Palande, a cold-blooded killer equipped with the sophistication of Charles Sobhraj, the manipulative genius of Ted Bundy and the cruelty of Jack the Ripper.
In The Front Page Murders, Puja Changoiwala, who covered the incidents as they unfolded, recounts in gripping detail the story behind the sensational case of multiple murders that shocked the country. Startling and intensely sobering by turns, her compelling narrative explores not just the murky depths of a serial killer’s mind but, tellingly, the media’s frenzy for a front-page story and the insatiable human appetite for horror in real life.

Bookmail 4

Thik pretty little Amazon.com package came in yesterday morning but me being in college, giving exams, couldn’t find the time to post it. *Sobs. Being a student is so tiring *cries out loud. 

Even in these hard, tiring college days, a bookmail is more than enough to bring about a smile in my face.

Now what is in this bookmail? No worries, am clearing out the question.

Grimm House by Karen McQuestion. This is the second book I will be reading of this author, the first being From A Distant Star. Since I loved that read, am really looking forward to reading this one. Have any of you read it?

Bookmail 3

And after so many days of waiting I finally have it here (*tears of joy). If you are thinking what does it hold, let me clear your doubts. This is the giveaway prize I won a few weeks back comprising of 2books, 1 pair of stockings and a badge.

• Collide by Aimee Jessica Russ

• House At The End Of The Street by Lily Blake 

• Trick or Treat! badge

• Halloween stockings 

Am so excited to read the books cause the blurbs are are super interesting and the stockings, OMG! I can’t wait to try them on.

Bookmail 2 

I find myself struggling to update my blog with the review copies coming and exam knocking at the door *sobs. Still trying my best to keep updating whether be it in time or later. I received this amazing book This Was A Man (The Final Volume Of The Clifton Chronicals) by Jeffery Archer few days back from Panmacmillan India (obviously late post, am so off the update schedule). I love Jeffrey Archer’s writing and though have not found the time to put aside my college books and start the read but I’m really looking forward to reading it. Am so excited. 

Now about the book –

Author: Jeffrey Archer

Publishing : Panmacmillan