#review A Quest of Spring

Author: Monica Mujumdar Dixit

Publisher: Notion Press, Inc.

Publication date: 8 Sep 2017

Language: English

Book length: 402 pages

Genre: Fiction

Book description:

Raehan and Amolika come from two very different worlds. And for the time that their worlds overlap and stick to one path, life seems beautiful. Between projects at college and hanging out with friends, the two of them come to a startling revelation that involves a bond of love between them.

Unbeknownst to the both of them, there lies a leviathan of espionage that eventually consumes the bond they share, driving them apart by force.

Sixteen years pass, when fate decides to rekindle their bond – only this time, the challenges are exacerbated by the unresolved baggage of the past. Do the two of them find each other? Does the dull, grey, long-standing spell of winter rise to give way to spring?

Rating: 3.5/5


I received a physical copy of this book in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.

Let me begin by saying how surprised I am every time I pick up a debut novel. The mind of these rising new authors always fascinate me and author Monica Majumdar Dixit is not exception.

The main characters – Amolika, Raehan and Vikram have been penned down with quite different personalities, views and approach to life. Amolika, the most important character or rather the protagonist, is a strong willed and ambitious woman with certain moments of pain, guilt, self blames yet standing tall with her head high to fight for everything she loves and cares about. What I loved was the author’s skill to beautiful wind the story through tremendously conflicting phases. She has this capability of providing the reader with a visual effectiveness. The more I read, the more I found myself living through the whole story.

Through Amolika’s love for Reahan, the author accurately points out the effect of society as also the permanent effect on Amolika on having once lost her parents in terror attack while they were touring the Valley, being raised by her paternal uncle, Brigadier Bhaskar Nath. The injection of effect of society points out the severity and constricted rigidity of our social structure. The story develops from there passionately yet somehow cautiously to the relationship between Amolika and Vikram.

Raehan is introduced first into the story as Amolika’s mission appointed by her grandfather. Charming, yet shy with a political background, he gradually starts liking her. The time period revolves around 1997. The present time of narration is the year 2014 where Amolika reappears as a jouralist who is sent to India to Cover elections and Reahan emerges as the CM.

The story is very neat with well descriptive plot and easy language. It basically begins as a college love story which for some reasons went wrong leading to separation between Amolika and Reahan. Raehan gets married to Nazzia and has twins whereas Amolika get marriedd to Vikram. Yet the story doesn’t just end here, a series of turmoils take place with an eventual happy ending. Amman and Adile are presented as the most lovivg and understanding children who take their parent’s separation as a positive one and help their parents as much as possible.

The positively, hope and overcoming of challenges as presented in the book are quite a refreshing and heart warming in the present time where people are often found as lost cases, with broken hopes. Quite an interesting, intriguing and engrossing story.

Hoping to read more of the author’s future works.

About the Author:

Monica Mujumdar Dixit was born in Raipur and did her schooling in Bhopal and Mumbai. She went onto graduate in Commerce from the Mithibai College in Mumbai and completed her LLB degree from the prestigious ILS College, Pune. She is a lawyer by profession and has practiced at the High Court of Bombay, Nagpur bench, and also worked as a Legal Analyst with a publishing house, publishing law journals. She loves cricket, is an avid reader and also blogs movie reviews. She lives in Nagpur with her husband Rohit and daughter, Aahana. This is her debut novel.