Unboxing of Reader’s Spot July Chip Box

So I had mentioned in my last post I was selected as the July rep of an Indian book subscription box and guess what? It came about some weeks ago!!!! But due to rain and exams I couldn’t take photos of all the items in one go and upload my blog. Anyway.. it’s unboxing time… Yay!!

This beautiful logo belongs to none other than the Reader’s Spot bookbox as you can already see and the design on the box… I can’t get enough of it.

So the July theme of the bookbox was GOT – Games Of Thrones and here is a list of the contents :

1. Customised handmade dragon egg (Green in my case)

2. GOT necklace (my favourite)

3. GOT letter with red wax seal

4. Little scroll ×2

5. GOT postcards

6. Westeros and the free cities Map

7. The mystery book

NOW, let’s take a close look on all the items startin with –

Customized handmade Dragon Egg : 

Isn’t it simply unique and a very helpful prop for book pictures?  Crazy bibliophiles like me will know.

Second is –

The Necklace :

This item is my absolute favourite one. It is a true sight to behold!!

Third on line is –

GOT Letter with Wax Seal :

This is such a laborious, smart, uni8, beautiful letter. I mean look at the writing. It’s so beautiful!! The owner of the bokk subscription made this one herself. :*

Fourth –

Little Scrolls :

Inside the box were two little scrolls which opened up into strong quotes written beautifully. I didn’t want to open those scrolls. I am upload the photo of one the scrolls. 

Fifth up are –

The GOT postcards :

All of these are so attractive but I love one of  them. 

This one☝!!!!! 

Sixth item in the list of contents –

Westeros and the free cities Map :

Ok so since I am yet to read or watch GOT, I have no idea about the importance and role of the map but I find it very cool and photographic.

LAST But not the LEAST, in fact the MOST important item inside the box –

The Mystery Book :

It was beautifully wrapped with caring hands in brown paper.

The book inside is something I am very eager to read!! 

THE Lair by Emily McKay

These were the items inside the bookbox. Every item is highly satisfying and definitely worth the money.  So here I ask all my fellow Indian bibliophile to try this amazing book subscription and you won’t regret. 



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