#review Rhysand candle by @whisperingflames

IMG_20170512_180759_412So, this time I am not here to post a book’s review but that of a candle. Because this is the first time I have bought myself a bookish candle and I must say it was worth the buy.

Living in India, where you do not find much of bookish merchandise, specially soycandles, forces one, absolutely dying to get hands on that, to buy it online from foreign contries. US possibly has the highest no.of bookish merchandise production but I may also be wrong, correct me for that.

For us Indians, the prices seem too high and adding along the shipping charges makes it impossible for a majority to buy all those, me being one of them.


So, here comes the solution to that problem. Afia has opened a bookish soy candle on Instagram for all Indians eager to buy.

The instagram handle is –



She makes 4oz candles, each for ₹200 excluding shipping charges, which is added after you give the address, she will send you a detailed information of your order. Each candle is made with 100% soy wax, handpoured and smell amazing. The payment is to be done through PayTM and within when, that you can just learn from her. Moreover she added in two beautiful bookish matchboxes, each for ₹20, based on the month’s theme which was the amazing series of The Court of Thorns and Roses & Throne of Glass. Maybe next time when she adds more candles to her shop, more matchboxes will be added as well. This month being her first selling month, she had posted a list of candles available on Instagram. They were –

  • Rhysand
  • Feyre
  • Velaris
  • The Spring Court
  • Amelia
  • Rowan

Well, since this was the first ever time that I had decided to buy myself bookish merchandise, I took up the courage to order a single one – Rhysand and bought along with it a matchbox based on A Court of Mist and Fury. 


Rhysand candle – 4oz; A Court of Mist and Fury Matchbox with quote

And now having both of them in my hand, I believe they are perfect.

The moment I opened the candle jar, the first thing I saw was smooth clean purple candle with little dots of a darker shade. And I came up with the though that in less light it would look like slight representation of night sky, the High Lord of Night Court, Rhysand’s favourite view. Then the wave on scent hit me.


She also added a cute note with it and am really thankful.

I smelled many thing. I do not know specifically what scents she added but I have come up with my version of it.


The first thing that came into my mind was, this one smells like Rhysand, sexy, flirty High Lord, powerful yet king. The scent is strong yet so soothing. It smells like the wind – free and light, rain – earthly, clean and mistifying, salt and something citrus – a little ting of it. As also it smells like foam. It smells like the Night.


Don’t know how much justification I have really done to the candle but I have tried explaining it in my own way. I can’t wait to buy more from her.

To all Indian bookworms out there who would love to buy amazing bookish soy candles, don’t miss this dear lady and visit her Instagram account soon.

I wish you all the luck @whisperingflames and hope your hard work pays off well and good.





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