#review Graveyard Shift

IMG_20170514_071030_219.jpgAuthor : Manish Mahajan

Publisher : Half Baked Beans

Publication date : 13 April, 2017

Book length : 182 pages

Language : English

Genre : Fiction/ Horror


Synopsis :

At around midnight, I woke up suddenly. A strange sound was coming from somewhere outside in the passage. I sat up dazed. The curtains were a little ajar letting the moonlight to streak in. I got up to investigate where that noise was coming from. The passageway was almost dark, just a single lamp was left switched on for the night. The sound seemed to be coming from one of the rooms. That was strange, I thought, as there was no one else staying on this floor. All of a sudden, something moved behind me. Turning around I got the shock of my life. Some distance away, in that dreary passageway, stood a figure dressed in flowing white robes, staring hard at me.

Rating : 3/5


Review :

The book consists of 7 short stories and a poem, all based on ghosts and paranormal activities. I have mixed feelings about this book. Some stories I found very interesting and some I didn’t like much. So I found out a way to express it all. I will be writing about each story in the book separately. So first thing first. Let me put down the list first.

  • The Appointment
  • Honey, ‘m Back!
  • Tales in the Train
  • A Night in the Hastings House
  • A Doll named Wendy
  • The Last Wish 
  • The Apartment on the Tenth Floor
  • Betal Pachisi


The Appointment –

Well this is the first chapter of the book and the only poem.  The poem narrates the tale of a promised appointment.  A promise between dear friends are meant to be kept no matter what. But on what circumstances? Does he have to fulfil his promise even after death? Read through the poem to know it all.

About the poem, I found the tale interesting. But it seemed as if the poet was trying hard to bring the poet into a rhyme form and pushed it to the limits. However, the poet is well equipped with a good stock of words and thus makes the poem enjoyable.

Honey, ‘m Back! –

Bow this tale was quite interesting. But not very striking. I found the story very common one. The same – young, ambitious, beautiful, man hunter seducing an olg rich man; marrying him and after that slowly planing for his murder so that she becomes the direct owner of it all.

Here, the woman’s name is Riya, who has succeeded in making her husband agree to go for a short trip. So there they were, away from locality and into the arms of nature. There she tried and fails twothree times before successfully killing her husband on the night when the resort was completely empty expect the two of them.

However, things turn upside down with him coming back….. How is not upto me  to reveal to the ones who haven’t read it yet. What caught my attention was the ending of the story. It ended with a ting of sexuality in a kind of vulgar, intense and spooky way.

Next up is

Tales in the Train –

Now about this one, the story revolves around a train compartment where 5 people sit down to tell tales of ghosts and ghostly activities. To reveal names the characters and their relations each other is something I am willing holding. The reason being, giving away the maximum details of a short story. The story being short, to talk in details will leave nothing more of interest to look up to reading on your own.

Back on track, each person goes around sharing their own paranormal experiences and ghost stories they have across. The stories are interesting but not well “staged“. The used that particular word because I felt that the manner in which the stories have been narrated does not arouse much of the reader’s interest. But that doesn’t mean the stories are boring. You know what I mean right?

However, similar to the previous short story, I found the ending eye catching but bizzard to a great extent. But ghost stories are supposed to be bizzard right? Yet, somehow the entire thing sounded off and not quite ..let’s say “intimidating for the readers to feel awestruck”.

A Night in the Hastings House –

I have often heard of groups, gangs, societies or anything a wuite handful of people researching on paranormal activities. It maybe be officially approved or sponsored or something they themselves built up. They are well equipped with instruments for tracking and summoning spirits.

Here, the story is about one of these so mentioned groups on one of their missions, which is visiting Hastings House, known for it being haunted by Hastings’ spirit and look into it.

The story gives a detailed look inside the world of these researchers and how they work it all out. The hunt turns out to be very thrilling and interesting. But once again, the representation of the story had almost chalked out any enthusiasm in continuing till the end.

A Doll named Wendy –

Nowadays, almost everyday we encounter deaths happening as a result of mechanical failure in car while speed driving. Such a heartbreaking accident took place in the story where a young couple losses their only child, apple of their eyes, little Tara.

However, she had a little doll Wendy which was very dear to her and after her tragic death, her mother one day found inside the room, a thin almost transparent figure, playing with the doll. It seemed as if even after dying she couldn’t give up on Wendy and thus came to play with it.

Uptil this point the story was fine but after that there certain turns of events which made me lose interest on the story.

The Last Wish –

The story is about a man who under official work had to visit Chauhans’ Palace. There he is kept well and enjoys care and hospitality. However, at night while resting in the room provided for him to stay, he hears wears noises and when out for investigation over it, encounters a ghost. The story continues with Chauhan explaining him the causes of the incidents.

So this story is absolutely bizzard. I didn’t the story much . The conclusion drawn dis not please me at all.

The Apartment on the Tenth Floor –

This story is rather interesting.

The story revolves around a particular apartment and the spectator of that, a little boy, from the balcony of him room on a different building. The boy saw every midnight certain spine chilling death scenes in that peculiar apartment on the tenth floor which kept on displaying each night till the day the deaths took place somewhere else. When gone to enquire about that apartment with his best friend, they found that room unfinished and thus deserted.

He was a sleepwalker and that brought in an incident that left all his dear ones broken forever. What was the incident? What was the secret of that ghastly apartment? To know, all you have to do is pick up the book.

What I found disturbing the lack of justified closure to the story. I find it unfinished. As also, the last scene shown in the apartment is quite impossible to imagine. It’s out of place.

Betal Pachisi –

All who have read Vikram & Betal already know that story. It is a shortened version of the whole tale. I do not understand quite, the need to add a shortened story of a pre existing work in between a book of a writer’s own works. I found it out the place and very disturbing.

So here ends my thoughts on each story of the book. And having said so much already I don’t think I need to add anything more to it.  



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