#review No Plain Rebel (No Ordinary Star #2)

Author : M.C.Frank
Publisher :  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Publication date : 16 July, 2016

Book length : 204 pages

Language :  English

Genre : Fiction/ Sci-fi

Synopsis :

A soldier is summoned to the North Pole, days before the year changes, told to fix a the great Clock for a celebration. He has no idea what to do.

A girl, hunted for the crime of being born, almost dies out on the ice. She is rescued by the last polar bear left alive.

A library waits for them both, a library built over a span of a hundred years, forgotten in the basement of an ice shack.

The world hasn’t known hunger or sickness in hundreds of years. It has also forgotten love and beauty.

The year is 2525.

Inspired by the short stories of Ray Bradbury, this futuristic novel is set in a world where Christmas -among other things- is obsolete and a Clock is what keeps the fragile balance of peace.
Written in three installments, this is the breathtaking and sensual story of how two unlikely people change the world, and each other, one book at a time.
Immerse yourself into the icy cold world of this scorching hot new novel.
In No Plain Rebel, Felix finds out the truth.
Or so he thinks. He’s trying to come to terms with that, as well as with the fact that the Clockmaster’s shack has been discovered by his fellow-soldiers, but he can’t exactly concentrate. The match girl’s fiery curls appear before his eyes every ten seconds, distracting him, and then he starts talking to her in his head.

Because she’s no longer there.

The Stadium is looming in the distance.

It’s ten heartbeats to midnight.

 Rating : 4½/5

Review :
The moment the finished reading NOS, the thrill and excitement of what is going to happen next urged me to not waste a moment and dig into NPB. And,yes! I was so very pleased at the time to start reading No Plain Rebel.

After having realised how inhumane the system is, Felix decided to bring about a change and save the earthling from their terrible fate. However, as the relationship between him and Astra seem to develop on a sweet note, things crumble down with Astra leaving without any notice. But, she seems to have left a clue for Felix and he knows what to do next. He gathers up this subordinates and plans to bring an end to destruction. It all depends on Felix and The Clock.

Will he be able to save them all? What clue had Astra left for Felix? What purpose does the Clock serve in saving them all? Will his subordinates break the laws and stand by his side?

The series is very promising and interesting. It keeps one glued till the end. The chemistry that slowly develops between Astra and Felix, between a girl fucked of emotions and a boy devoid of it all, is beautiful. At some point it does as though the book is an awakening of feeling, a rebirth of the happiness and love.


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