21 March, 2017

It seems like years since I wrote any bookish diary. The names sounds so funny. So very funny. Maybe I will change it to something more interesting. It’s not just about the thoughts I get from reading one book. It’s like, the whole lot of thoughts that gather into my mind after days and days of reading different things, going through different situations and living every day of life.

What does life mean? A human is born from another human. He/she grows up seeing and learning from the surroundings. He/she studies, applies for a job, gets a job, finds someone suitable to spend the rest of the life with, has children, a family, goes on with the daily chores till the last breath. Where is life in there? Where did you see a speck of life? A sign that the person is alive? When do we really feel alive? Through daily chores and duties? Through job? Doesn’t the heart ever want to take a rest from all that? I wonder…..Yes…I do wonder.


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