#review Step Up

Author : Anju Jain

Publisher Penguin Random House India
Publication date 24 Oct 2016
Language English
Product Dimensions 21.8 x 14.6 x 2.4 cm
Book length 

Rating : 3/5

Synopsis :img_20170116_210240_907.jpg

In this engaging, witty and conversational book, Anju Jain explains why gender disparity is an issue both at home and at work and how this can be changed, with insights gained from extensive research and experience, she presents practical techniques in a simple matrix for women to use to become successful.

• Increase your productivity •

• Build your brand •

• Create work-life balance •

• Meet your goals and success •

There are also interviews with key leaders – women and men – who talk about the challenges they faced, and the solutions that worked for them. Those featured include Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw (Biocon), Sonia Singh (NDTV), Ipsita Dasgupta (GE), Divya Suri (Lalit Suri Resorts), Kumud Srinivasan (Intel), N.V. Tyagarajan (Genpact) and Mohandas Pal (Manipal Global Education), among others.


Review :

So first thing first. I found this book lacking the power of grabbing attention. That obviously maybe because of the fact that I am way too young, rather an absolute air head about this particular topic. Being a mere teenageraybe is not enough to understand the gravity this book holds. But one fact struck me hard. The very introduction of the book points out the self-congratulatory attitude of the writer. To be confident is a must for a woman but to be over-confident is never acceptable irrespective of being a man or woman. The book which is supposed to be a guide for other women to step up in life (as the cover suggests) shows the self appraising side of the guide.

More over the examples of successful women given in the book are mostly that of extremely popular personalities, some having come from a already popular family, some already accustomed to the higher leader of society because of contacts. Am not being absolutely negative of these examples but what I expected of the book to have like real life examples, life the common class of women rising to the higher social ladder. I hoped for their experiences to be shared so that the common people, reading this book get more accustomed to what to do and what not to. More over, the book reflects the trouble the author had faced in stepping up in life. The book at some points makes one feel the desire, the mentality of the author pouring down upon the reader. And to step up in what, what Indian women mostly need is the understanding of society, the understanding of family and mostly the absolute support of all other Indian women.

Now, the best part of the book. Though I have possibly talked only negative about the book till this point. What I loved about the book is the author’s effort to help out women to take into themselves the urge to take in charge of the lives and every aspect of life. Women I believe the the most intelligent of the types. Why? Well, I have learnt throughout my educational life and psychological texts that, women can speculate the flaws and possible solutions of a troubled situation faster than men. A man earns for himself, a big part including the need to feed his musculine ego, and also for his family. It is seen in many cases that, even though the wife manages everything at home on her own yet all the credit goes to the man and also he takes hold of the family, taking in all the decisions of the family. The most important thing which people fail to notice is that the woman knows everything the best, she manages the drills of the family, takes care of the family’s need emotionally and physically. Again, when an Indian women goes out to work, the society at some point or the other puts absolute pressure on her, points out her to let her down. Why can a woman be successful in life? Where is she inferior? Doesn’t she manage everything in life?

Me being just a mere teenage don’t know if I have already crossed the limits of speculation and commentary I should have done. But these are all my feelings about society and the book summing up all together.

Again, if you are not a mere teenage and absolute air head like me, I believe this this book is absolutely important to read. Even though you may disagree with some points you will agree to most and reading to the experiences will add to what to do and what not to.

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