Panmacmillanindia (8/01/2017) #bookmail 

And thank you Panmacmillan India for sending this jewel to me. 

Love in Chakiwala and other misadventures by Muhammad Khalid Akhtar is a true testament to the wit, sagacity and quiet brilliance of one of the greatest storytellers of his time. This is originally an Urdu novel and is said to be one of the greatest. 

Synopsis : 

A small Karachi neighborhood, Chakiwala is humdrum and unspectacular to all appearances. But inside its shops and at the street corners, there is curious business afoot. 

Chronicling the drama that unfolds daily is Iqbal Hussain Changezi, bakery owner and collector of writers and geniuses. He has his eyes on out-of-work comedian Chakori, apprentice to a Chinese dentist, even as the town’s mostly unsuccessful healer of physical and spiritual maladies prepares to unleash his top-secret invention, the love meter.


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