#review The Front Page Murders

Author : Puja Changoiwala

Publisher : Hachette India

Publication date : 23 Nov 2016

Book length : 312 pages

Language : English

Genre : Nonfiction/ True Crime

Synopsis :

It takes a fearless mind to harbor such a dark heart, a heart that knows no nobility, no apology… 

Mumbai, April 2012. The gruesome murder of a senior citizen in a wealthy Mumbai neighbourhood leads the city’s Crime Branch to unearth several half-naked, mutilated and dismembered bodies rotting in the ravines of the Western Ghats on the outskirts of the city.

A trail of missing suspects, a lethal honey-trap, and unexpected links with Mumbai’s film industry and the underworld, brings the investigators – and the press, ever hungry for breaking news – to Vijay Palande, a cold-blooded killer equipped with the sophistication of Charles Sobhraj, the manipulative genius of Ted Bundy and the cruelty of Jack the Ripper.
In The Front Page Murders, Puja Changoiwala, who covered the incidents as they unfolded, recounts in gripping detail the story behind the sensational case of multiple murders that shocked the country. Startling and intensely sobering by turns, her compelling narrative explores not just the murky depths of a serial killer’s mind but, tellingly, the media’s frenzy for a front-page story and the insatiable human appetite for horror in real life.

Rating : 5/5

Review :

Like one of my friend’s review of this books says, it seems quite less even to rate this book a 5/5. It deserves so much more. I am never much keen to reading Nonfiction, a fact I point out almost every single day. While reading this book, to be stupidly honest, I had no idea I was reading a Nonfiction. The fact that I always tend to pass this paticular category untouched has left a large gap in knowing what the different types are. This book right here is a True Crime, a genre I am looking forward to reading more of. 

Getting back to the book, author pens down the blood chilling tale of series killer Vijay Palande and his merciless killings. The story begins with the discovery of murder of a senior citizen living in Lokhandwala complex. As the journalist pushes her ways into the happening of the murder and the information gathered by the police, she finds other dark secrets opening up one after the another. With, what seemed like, the murder of a senior citizen for money & property, opened the path to the revealing of 4 other gruesome kills by Palande and his sophisticated, genius mind. 

I will not go into any more details of the book as I wish to avoid spoilers asking you to take your time and read this book. It’s amazing. The whole tale making the heartbeat go fast and slow, makes one feel sad and happy. One thing which I keenly observed in the story is that, all is not bad from the very beginning, from the core. The core is always bright and pure, when the heart and mind still want to achieve good. But it all turns bitter with some rather painful incidents. Some manage to cope with it and move on while some can never get over the pain and turn revengeful. 

No one is born bad, it is the pain they get and the path they chose to get over it that makes the different. 

Wow… Someone’s being rather too philosophical added she really isn’t that much. (She is obviously I myself and I don’t find myself much into philosophical thoughts.) *laughs

Human mind is but a complex system. What it decides to do makes oneself rather afraid at times. How it plays games with the body, how it controls the brain, how it chances a nature, how it creates a cold, sophisticated murderer out of an ambitious boy like Palande. 


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