#review Hickory Dickory Dock

Author : Agatha Christie

Publisher : Harper

Publication date : 1 Jan 2002

Language : English

Book length : 496 pages

Genre : Fiction/ Crime

Synopsis : 

Hercule Poirot doesn’t need all his detective skills to realise something is troubling his secretary, Miss Lemon – she has made three mistakes in a simple letter. It seems an outbreak of kleptomania at the student hostel in which her sister works is distracting his usually efficient assistant.

Deciding that desparate times call for desparate measure, the great detective agrees to investigate. Unknown to Poirot, however, desperation is a motive he shares with a killer . . . 

Rating : 4/5

Review :

Agatha Christie has done it again. Now, I believe you might be thinking, why again ? Well, again because, whenever I read her books, the writing does magic. Her books have this wonderful capability of visual effect on the reader. That is to say, while reading her books the description of every minute thing makes the reader visualize the scene as clear as a real happening. 

So about this book, Hickory Dickory Dock, all I have to say in the very beginning is, curious. 

“Hickory dickory dock /The mouse ran up the clock /The clock struck one/ The mouse ran down/Hickory dickory dock.”

The story begins with Ms.Lemon, Hercule Poirot’s assistant, making mistakes in typing a letter which is extremely unlike her. When asked, she describes hoy her sister Mrs. Hubbard taking in the job of taking care of students living together. Funny incidents happening in a old fashioned roamy house accomodated for students in Hickory Road attracts Poirot who believes something queer is happening or rather going to happen.  Inspite of his repeating suggestion to call the police, Mrs. Hubbard dismisses the idea because the hysterics of the owner of the house Mrs. Nicoletics. However, soon the house has to unwilling accept the suicide of one of their inmates. While the police tries to find the reason of suicide, Poirot is definite that the girl has not committed suicide but has been murdered. Mrs. Hubbard is of the same opinion as him. With Poirot’s patient brain and police’s swift action, secrets start unraveling. The end of the books, like her many books, doesn’t have such a surprising ending I believe. But I do not say it is devoid of surprises. Now, how can a book be written by “the queen of crime” without giving pinches of surprises? This one has them as well. Surprises ready to surprise in a very surprising way. *confused


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