#review Grimm House

Author : Karen McQuestion

Publisher: Nightsky Press

Publication date : 1 Dec 2015

Book length : 202 pages

Language : English 

Genre: Fiction

Synopsis :

When Hadley’s parents leave on a cruise and then are reported lost at sea, her perfect world is turned upside down.

In a flash she is whisked away to a new life of drudgery at Grimm House where she waits on not one but two persnickety old aunts. As she grudgingly fulfils their commands of cooking, cleaning, and even after-dinner-dancing, she comes to suspect the aunts are really witches who are scheming to take the thing she looks best best.

With only her wits and the help of some unlikely new friends, Hadley makes a plan to escape Grimm House and find her way home before it’s too late.

Rating : 4½/5

Review :

First of all how can I post a spoiler free review when I have so many things to say? I mean, I found two sides of rh story. One, the side that narrates the story and the other, which narrates the inner core of it. I am not embarrassed in the least to point out myself to be one of those readers who always tend to find another meaning to a story, whether it be something the author wants to imply or not. 

Now,getting back to the main reason of this post – the review. Yes, the book is indeed quite interesting and spooky (at some points). I have read Karen McQuestion’s work before – To a Distant Star, from where I know one thing for sure, the author has a beautiful writing style which reads like me or maybe every reader will find very gripping. The book not even once made me feel like putting it down. 

The story revolves around Hadley, a sweet little girl, the apple of her parents’ eyes and passionate about dance. She loves to dance, not just that, she lives dance. All was well, a happy family, a happy life, a happy girl, everything one requires to describe his/her life as normal. However, it didn’t last long. With the coming of Maxine Grimm carrying with her an unpleasant news, Hadley’s beautiful world came crashing down. For the woman carrying the news is her aunt and the news she was carrying was of Hadley’s parents having reported lost at sea while on a cruise. She is left with no other option but be whisked away to her old weird aunts’ sick, old, spooky Grimm House. There she is asked, to do all the house chores, be it by sweet talk or force. One thing she was allowed to do on her own accord was dancing. Her aunts watched every night as she danced elegantly under the chandelier. As time went by, she got wind of something funny about the whole affair, starting from her parents being lost to the aunts letting her dance her the chandelier. This curiosity is fuelled by the entry of Gigi the bug with thousands of it’s kind who claim to be fast and smart and indestructible; impossible to get rid of and Hadley’s only help. With their help, she slowly unfolds all the dark secrets and paves out her way through all the struggle. 

What I learnt from the book is the passion a person requires to make his/her dreams come true. When a child sees dreams, he/she always shows deep passion and desires to do something with it. But as the child grows up, the passion grows old. The struggle that life provides with passing time, washes away the passion. But if passion is snatched out of a child, if he/she stops dreaming, will be/she ever grow up? If the child doesn’t even give up, maybe the adult won’t give up as well. Maybe the undying passion of the child will water the dry tree of passion in an adult. Don’t know if I have made my points clear; don’t know if I have made myself understandable, but at least I have tried. A child should never give up on his/her passion. A child should never be told to give up on his/her passion. Passion should never be snatched away from a child. 

It is the innocent minds of children in whom passion occupies the biggest place.


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