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This is the first time that Hachette India has send a review copy. Thanks to the author Puja Changoiwala for replying to my approach. I find a fact very sad that some Indian publishing houses seem to pay less interest on just-rising bloggers and reviewers. It’s like they have to beg many times before being replied to while some never get a reply. Though I must say some publishing houses and authors do show interest and are eager to get their books reviewed when asked to, for a review copy.

Now, about this particular book I have here – The Front Page Murders by Puja Changoiwala, the first thing that attracted me was the cover. The cover designer has my appreciation for that. Next, the synopsis, so much attention grabbing that I couldn’t wait but dig into the book as soon as the opened the mail. The two most important factors a book requires to attract it’s readers.


 It takes a fearless mind to harbor such a dark heart, a heart that knows no nobility, no apology… Mumbai, April 2012. The gruesome murder of a senior citizen in a wealthy Mumbai neighbourhood leads the cityโ€™s Crime Branch to unearth several half-naked, mutilated and dismembered bodies rotting in the ravines of the Western Ghats on the outskirts of the city.
A trail of missing suspects, a lethal honey-trap, and unexpected links with Mumbai’s film industry and the underworld, brings the investigators – and the press, ever hungry for breaking news – to Vijay Palande, a cold-blooded killer equipped with the sophistication of Charles Sobhraj, the manipulative genius of Ted Bundy and the cruelty of Jack the Ripper.
In The Front Page Murders, Puja Changoiwala, who covered the incidents as they unfolded, recounts in gripping detail the story behind the sensational case of multiple murders that shocked the country. Startling and intensely sobering by turns, her compelling narrative explores not just the murky depths of a serial killer’s mind but, tellingly, the media’s frenzy for a front-page story and the insatiable human appetite for horror in real life.


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