#review A Mumbai Christmas

Author:  Sujit Sood

Version: E-book 

Book length: 22 pages

Genre: Fiction/ Short Story

Rating: 4/5


First, you might think, “Now, where is the synopsis?”. Well, for that, I believe writing a synopsis for a short story leaves nothing much for the review, does it? So I skipped the part of synopsis into review.

Sujit Sood, the author of Dathisbrth (one of my favourite books), is back with a short story for the beautiful day of Christmas.

The story revolves around Sujit, not the author, no, no. It’s the name of the main character. I believe as the front page of the book reads, “based on true story”, the author has used his own name to make his point more clear. Now, the story begins with how the narrator came to find happiness in the celebration of Christmas day. 

When he gets a call from Richard, a friend of his, for ungent help, though trying not to mind about it too much, Richard’s constant calls forces him to his house. The urgent help, Sujit finds, is for Richard’s teenage brother Nick who suddenly has the urge to play guitar. When asked, Nick answers that he wants to play a song for Maria, his mom, on Christmas. This touched Sujit’s heart because it is such an earnest, loving reason for a child to want to play guitar Sujit suggests to teach him.

Through the next half of the story, Sujit narrates how Nick tries his best to learn guitar? Many troubles pass their way but they fight it through till the night when Nick plays the guitar. 

In a time dominated by novels and series, which gives us immense emotions to fight with, a short story is a relief. Something which eases the bouncing emotions a bit, making a soothing feeling flow through the mind.


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