#review Dathisbrth

Author: Sujit Sood

Publication date: 1 Jan 2016

Paperback: 289 pages

Language: English

Genre: Fiction/Transcendental Thriller


Oliver and Sam were dead before their bodies could be extracted from the wreckage. The police were investigating but were unable to determine the cause of the accident. Nothing seemed to fit in. Back home, Chris and Sofia were trying to come to terms with the sudden death of their best friends. Suddenly, their eyes caught the local news on TV – a reporter ranting about the miraculous escape of Sam Parker and Oliver Brown. Time froze for Chris and Sofia. It was as if someone had stopped EUR minds and their hearts from the outside. They were scared to look into each other’s eyes. A few moments passed by. Moments that felt like a lifetime, until Rob came and broke the silence demanding to know about the ‘Camping trip’. Four friends – bound by love, friendship and destiny, go through as unusual life hunting for answers they have been seeking for years.

DATHISBRTH is a transcendental journey of Chris, Oliver, Sam and Sofia in search of the unknown.


Rating: 5/5


Dathisbrth is the debut novel of the author. When it comes to debut novels many people imagine it to be written on a common topic. Basically that’s what I used to believe. But coming across some books I find myself to be very wrong! The way they are written and the topic both are so new and thrilling that I can’t help myself but wonder when the author is going to write down another book. 

This is what I feel after reading Dathisbrth. It’s so freaking amazing. The storyline is very unique and gripping. I could feel myself devouring it up.

How would you feel if you stop seeing any shadow? How would you feel if you start loosing everything precious in your life? Like life has suddenly lost all it’s meaning? 

This is how they had been feeling – Chris, Sam, Oliver & Sofia. They face unrealistic events in life urging them to find out answers of the unknown, logic of the illogical, truth of the unbelievable. But they find their backs touching the wall as they get no meaningful answers and give up. Chris is not a guy who is going to give up on this yet. When the journey towards reaching the answers seem to end and all of them turn out to live their own separate successful lives, destiny seems to bring them all back together –  their square – of – bonds.

At some times I kept on thinking how are the events going to turn out in the end AND the end it provided gave me goosebumps. A book that makes you judge your own instincts and incidents that happen with you. A thriller that thrills you to the core in a thrilling way. I wish a movie be made out of this book. It’s gonna hit the charts really hard! 

P.S. – I tried my level best to keep the review spoiler proof. There are so many things I want to tell about this book but then I am absolutely going to add spoilers. So resisting myself I say, you better read this book.


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