COVER REVEAL + SYNOPSIS ( The Harbinger : The Fray Theory book two)


The next book of The Fray Theory series is soon to be published. The first book is Resonance, whose review along with I have posted if you might want to check. Thanks to the author for allowing to let me do the cover reveal and share with all the synopsis of the book – THE HARBINGER.



Cages come in all shapes and sizes. Some have walls close enough to touch. Some are made of bars, with a distant view of freedom. Many are made of the promises we make to others, and nearly all are fortified by our fears.

But not every cage has a way out.

Dylan Sterling is an anomaly. He dreams of things before they happen. But over the years, this phenomenon has transformed from a gift into a curse. Because when Dylan wakes from a nightmare, the agony of torture clings to his skin. The echo of his screams keeps ringing in his ears. The terror of his own gruesome death keeps rattling his bones.

With each passing day, the boundaries between dream and reality are becoming more and more muddled, hammering away at his mind and body. And unless he can find a way to break out of his cage, his hours may very well be numbered.

Also, here’s a link to The Harbinger’s GR page, for people who want to add it:



Nelou Keramati was born in Shiraz, the city of poets, scholars, wine, and literature. At the age of twelve her family immigrated to Vancouver, Canada, which she has since proudly called her home.

Following six years of studies in Biology, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Psychology, she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of British Columbia (UBC). Four years later, upon obtaining her Masters in Architecture, she switched gears once more to pursue acting, art, and writing.

Her debut novel, The Fray Theory – Resonance, is the first book in the Young Adult Science Fiction/Urban Fantasy series.

In her spare time, Nelou happily squanders her Wi-Fi binge-watching her favorite shows on Netflix, spends quality time with friends and family, reads, writes, studies acting, and explores digital painting on her Wacom tablet. She is a proud nerd and carb-addict who loves to travel almost as much as she loves Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies.


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