Hmmmmm…… What to speak of today? Well first and foremost today was quite interesting. So as to speak very stressful on the other hand because my room is getting itself a new colour… this time I got to decide (my father mainly decides the colours) and I have decided to paint it BLUE cause it’s my favourite colour (though black is bae)! This is the reason for the day being interesting. Now why stressful? Well, when it comes to room being painted the first thing that is to be done is to cover up the big stuffs and move out the small ones. To me the “to-be-moved” things include two types of things – 1. books & 2. mugs. So doing this made me feel stressed cause I find myself lazy. Now, having moved those out, my eyes fell on the stack of Agatha Christie books, books by the queen of crime.  Now, what did the queen of crime made me think deeply about? She made me think again about the complexity of human beings. But this time from a different perspective. I wonder how people like Hercule Poirot , Miss Marple, though imaginary characters, tend to exist even in a human mind. I mean, think about it, though imaginary , they have been created out of the mind of the author. How much power does a human mind have to create out of it such extra ordinary people?

Here I am thinking high and low, deep and simple, innumerable things while deciding what to write and what not to, while she, the authoress is there who wrote so many book, each having it’s own high popularity level. I find human mind a very curious, impossible-to-fully-understand device. It’s a miracle how people as intelligent as Einstein had once walked the earth while me, a useless person is sitting in front of the computer writing about “deep” thoughts . The main thing that attracts me about Agatha Christie’s books is not the murders and the murderers but the way the authoress  portrays each character. It is so descriptive that I can even visualize them like real life characters. Thus making me more surprised how such talent can contain itself in a person. 

Is it because of the passion one has for what he/she does? Like singers who has mesmerizing voices, authors whose stories make you jump into an imaginary world, poets whose writings cure the wounds, painter whose paintings seem too extraordinary for just words to compliment.. do they reach such height because their heart and mind work as one? Because they have pushed the mind to extraordinary levels? Is it a possible achievement for everyone? Do we just need immense faith and passion to rich the heights?


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