So here I am trying out something new i.e., a bookish diary. Now, what is a bookish diary? To me it is a diary entry where I would be writing down certain thoughts that randomly come to my crazy, talkative mind while reading a particular book. I would be adding up articles each day updating my diary entries.

Hope I made it interesting enough for all to take sometime out of their lives to sit down in a comfortable couch, sipping coffee, at ease and read through my dairy entries as also share their thoughts after reading.

Now, I’m currently reading Selfienomics by Revant and my current thoughts are based on the complexity of human beings. Like, the unavoidable differentiation between the rich and the poor. The rich get richer and richer  while the poor become poorer. Then there are the middle class, though they are not particularly the so-called “rich”, they are not “poor”. While we, not we, if I point out from my perspective, I am writing pages after pages, vigorously paining my hands on the keyboard for the blog, the poor have no idea what it is. Even if they get a chance to know, I doubt they would find any interest. I sometimes feel jealous of them. Sounds crazy? Want to know why? Because they do not have scope of luxury and get so little of the materialistic world that they turn all their attention to what they have. Whereas we, again I, who hardly get time to praise the little things that life gives away with open arms. People are so busy with school, college, work and money that what is left of life is an undefined, unreachable leisure accompanied by stress. When we get too much we forget the little things which we should be praising and embracing, don’t we?



Is this what everything means? Is this the meaning of LIFE? Do we really know what being happy means? How  to lead a life worth living? What do you think? How do you feel? Is gathering knowledge, earning money everything? I sometimes wish I could just sit with my family & friends and gossip about random stuffs setting my thoughts free.  But does anyone really have that much time or patience?




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