#bookreview   Here Be Dragons

screenshot_2016-11-28-17-58-18First of all, what comes in mind about this book is that, though it was suggested that if one has seen Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara he/she will love Here Be Dragons, based on which I had thought out a little bit of the story but later when I started reading it I found no similarity between the movie and the story. The story is in a completely different level and I was absolutely not ready for this. But…that doesn’t mean the book has disappointed me..
Oh! No, no….. It has never left a scope to point out and express displeasure. It blew my mind and that too in a positive way. It is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, starting from discipline, running through pain, grief, fear, terror, enjoyment, pleasure, lust, happiness and covering the most of it reins love.
The story revolves around three men, a Korean – Kwan-Hoon Lee, an Indian – Ayaan and an American – Aiden, focusing at times on Ayaan and Kwan-Hoon Lee while Aiden seems to be quite a mystery though the light of importance falls mainly on Kwan. When Ayaan decides to give his busy, tired life a rest and even after facing thousand bombarding enquiries from family and painful anger from his girlfriend, he flies off to Rome only to suddenly come across his fellows. Then after quite some restrain, the threes fellas, not-to-enthusiastic Ayaan, over-excited Aiden and aim-struck Kwan set off on their mission only to get entangled in innumerable messes.
Are you a believer? Do you believe in love? Have you ever felt deep pain? The one caused by love? The one caused by torture? Have you ever tried and escaped from a life which was never much about living? How far would you go just to find you love? To see is she’s ok? To know if she loves you too …..still?
I would hate to give away spoilers so I am restraining myself from disclosing anything else. Hope this review helped rise in you some interest to read it too. If you love adventure, thrill, pleasure and true romance better don’t this hell-of-a read.
P.S. – When I say hell-of-a read better keep in mind….. I find Hell absolutely exciting.


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